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Mylène dévoilée...?

A thorough study of Mylène's pretty face will give you the following answers:
  1. Why is Mylène more ruled by imagination and phantasy than by logical reasoning?

  2. Individuality (1) is not very well pronounced; Causality (2) is negative. Imagination and feelings will dominate her mind. 
  3. Which is her intellectual type? Objective (realistic) or subjective (shaping the world according to her own mind)? Why?

  4. Subjective, because the Perceptive faculties (1) are weak, and Ideality (3) and Spirituality (4) are strong. 
  5. Mylène's poetry is very imaginative and reflects a particular sense of beauty. Why?

  6. The faculty of Ideality (3) is particularly developed, as can be seen at her temples. 
  7. In many of her songs, Mylène shows a particular attention towards the meaning of life and death, towards feelings which go beyond material values. Why?

  8. Spirituality (4) is very well developed (even if on this picture it is partially obscured by the hairdressing). 
  9. Mylène is a a woman of very deep and sincere feelings. Show some characteristics of her face and head which prove this.

  10. The wide-open eyes (5), a particular feature of many Mylène images, confirm the development of Spirituality (4) and Ideality (3); they are a sign of deep feelings and open-heartedness, of sincereness and nobility of the mind. 
    The upper lip (6) is particularly shaped (as Cupido's bow): vivid affection
    The lower lip is slightly hanging: physiognomic sign of Benevolence.
    Not visible on this image, but extremely important: the convexity of the back of the head, sign of affection, of the need to give and receive love. 
    Through the deepness and the truth of her feelings, she dictates us the sovereign law of Love. 

This example shows how Phrenology is able to unveil someone's secrets, and to get a better image and a better understanding of the arcanes of the mind.

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