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Phrenology:  Individuality

Individuality is the main Perceptive faculty. Its function is to individualise things, to particularise and to notice details. 
Contrary to Causality, which considers things as abstract ideas, Individuality considers them in their concrete being. Individuality is the hallmark of the practical mind, of the objective type, of the realist. Sense of detail, in work and fantasy. 

 Negative Individuality will result in introspection and subjectivity.




Individuality is located between the eyebrows. In case of a positive Individuality, the eyebrows may stand further apart. 

See also the Phrenological Chart 

  • Interaction with other faculties:
  • Individuality + Negative Causality: basic realism, purely practical mind without major intellectual ambitions. 
  • Negative Individuality + positive Causality: theoretical mind with no practical sense, philosopher 
  • Negative Individuality + positive Veneration and Spirituality: introvert, contemplative type 

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