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Phrenology: Causality

Causality is the faculty which houses the ability to abstract, think logically, and to trace cause and effect. Causality is looking for the "How?" and the "Why?" and searches for reasonable answers. It gives the ability to understand principles and to investigate theories and philosophies. A strongly developed Causality is the hallmark of thinkers, scientists and philosophers. 




Causality is located in the protuberances located halfway on the forehead. The more these protuberances are obvious, the more Causality is developed. 

See also the Phrenological Chart 

Interaction with other faculties:

  • Causality + Perceptive faculties + Constructiveness: scientific mind, initiative and creativity (examples: Thomas Alva Edison, Albert Einstein) 
  • Causality + Negative Perceptive faculties: theoretical mind with no practical sense 
  • Causality + Moral faculties: propensity of the mind towards higher values 
  • Negative Causality + Perceptive faculties: basic realism, purely practical mind without major intellectual ambitions. 

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