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Rasputin (1869-1917)

Gregory Yefimovich Rasputin was a notorious intrigant at the Russian tsarist court. A shameless and crafty manipulator, he extended his influence to all levels of power. Passing as an Orthodox pope, he got the nickname the holy devil.... 
Even a superficial Phrenological diagnosis however will be sufficient to unmask the innate evil and the true personality of this imposter.... 
  • A wide ear axis (1) stands for a strong dynamic energy (Destructiveness), which also is reflected in a strong vital energy. The tragical circumstances of Rasputin's death illustrate this: after resisting a strong dose of poison, he was shot several times by Prince Yussupov before being slain. 
  • The front is wide and protruding (5): well developed Perceptive faculties, practical mind limited to tangible reality. 
  • The skull becomes narrower towards the top, faculties like Ideality (2) and Spirituality (3) are notoriously absent. Low type without noble aspirations. 
  • The upper back of the head is extremely narrow: the faculties of Conscientiousness and Cautiousness will therefore be very weak. Thus: an audacious person, scrupless, without any conscience. 
  • The upper back of the head is very high (4): Self-esteem, reinforced by a strong Firmness 
The skull is ogival shaped, rather than dome-shaped: absence of higher aspirations, low type. Whenever one comes into contact with individuals displaying this cranial configuration, caution should be taken! 
The narrow and high back of the skull, as well as the wide ear axis are an atavistic reminder to the skulls of pre-historic humanoids. 

This Phrenological description was adapted from Prof. Bouts' Psychognomy, with the kind permission of the author.

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