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Phrenology: Conscientiousness

Conscientiousness measures the degree of conscience and morality, of commitment, of incorruptibility, of attachment to moral values. It confers a sense of what is right or wrong, a desire for justice, with moral obligation, integrity, a love of truth and honesty, and regard for duty. 
When Conscientiousness is weakly developed, it manifests in a lack of moral principle, and indifference to what is the sense of right or wrong. 
A very strong developed Conscientiousness on the other hand can bring about self-condemnation and remorse, ith a morbid sense of justice or duty, making insufficient allowance for the weaknesses and faults of others, with a tendency to sit in judgment on them. 




Conscientiousness is located on the lateral sides of the back of the head. A strong Conscientiousness, together with Spirituality give the dome-shaped head of the superior type. Its lacking gives the ogival head of the lower type. 

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Interaction with other faculties: 

  • Negative Conscientiousness + Cautiousness: fear for action, anxiety.
  • Negative Conscientiousness + Acquisitiveness: propensity towards theft and fraud. 
  • Negative Conscientiousness + Amativeness: inclination towards immoral behaviour. 
  • Negative Conscientiousness + Secretiveness: hypocrisy, deceit, dissimulation. 
  • Negative Conscientiousness + Destructiveness: propensity towards violent behaviour. 

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