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Phrenology: Veneration

Veneration describes the higher aspirations of a subject, the quest for higher values, the quest beyond terrestral existence. A strong Veneration will often stand for deep religious thoughts and for the desire to worship a supreme being. It calls forth noble aspirations and provides a channel through which man may climb to the heights of sublime thought, realising that within himself and throughout every aspect of life, whether mineral, vegetal, animal or human, this divine creative power or spirit, which we call the life-force, is the only animating and universal power. The mental activity manifesting through Veneration brings into being reverence for all forms of life, and the two great virtues of patience and humility. 
A weak Veneration is reflected in a thought pattern which limits itself to the tangible reality. 
This faculty is closely related to Spirituality


Veneration is located on top of the skull, between Firmness and Benevolence

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Interaction with other faculties:

  • Veneration + Causality: metaphysical thinking 

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