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Phrenology: Amativeness

Amativeness stands for the reproductive instinct and the sexual desire. It is the faculty concerned with physical love and sexual attraction. When it is strongly developed, it may represent carnality and licentiousness. When underdeveloped: coldness, frigidity, indifference towards the opposite sex. 




Amativeness is located on the lower back of the head, behind the ears. 

See also the Phrenological Chart 

Interaction with other faculties: 

  • Amativeness + strong Affection: conjugal love.
  • Amativeness + Destructiveness: inclination towards sexual violence
  • Amativeness + ogival skull (i.e. weak Spirituality and Conscientiousness + strong Destructiveness + strong Perceptive faculties): subject which, anatomically and psychologically, approximates the humanoids (domination of the paleo-encephalic region). 

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