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Phrenology: Affection


Affection describes true friendship and selfless love. With a strong Affection, feelings towards others tend to be real and honest. This faculty unites several brain organs which by some authors have been consired as separate faculties: Friendship (also known as Adhesiveness, shown on the chart right), Inhabitiveness (love of the home), Philoprogenitiveness (love of the offspring) and Conjugality. 
When Affection is weak, displays of feelings and sympathy often only are in function of other faculties like Amativeness or Acquisitiveness. A negative Affection stands for hardness and ruthlessness, whileas a positive development of this faculty stands for kindness and the need to give and receive affection. 


Affection is located on the upper back of the head. When positive, the back of the head is convex; when negative, it is flat. 

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