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Online resources about Phrenology

  • The site "History of Phrenology on the Web" gives an extensive overview of the early history of phrenology. It contains a number of scientific essays from research by John Van Wyhe at Cambridge University, as well as an extensive bibliography. For retrieving historical information, this site is extremely well documented and most probably the most comprehensive web source available. The site was hosted by the British Library from 1999 to 2007, but is now available at
  • A on-line article about Phrenology has recently been published in Brasil. Although taking a critical viewpoint towards the Science (being written by an academic neuropsychologist), it is nicely presented in web-page format and definitely worth a look. 

  • Its URL:
  • A comprehensive site concerning Phrenology and its influence on 19th century literature has been compiled by Prof. Peter Friesen of Plattsburgh University. It contains a full online edition of  George Combe's1834 American edition of "Elements of Phrenology", at

  • A web site has been published on the publication of the book by Charles Colbert "A Measure of Perfection: Phrenology and the Fine Arts in America". The site shows some interesting phrenological drawings and can bee seen at:

  • A new site about Psychognomy, from Paul Bouts' pupil Anette Müller:
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