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The Phrenology Questionnaire


This questionnaire is intended to assess the appreciation of this page and the general knowledge and opinions about Phrenology. Please take a few minutes to respond to these questions. Your collaboration is greatly appreciated. Your identity will be revealed to no one, nor will you be sent unsolicited email messages.

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1. Before you visited this page, had you ever heard of Phrenology?

2. How did you arrive on this page?

3. Before you visited this page, how did you look upon Phrenology?

4. Did the contents of this page enhance your knowledge about Phrenology?

5. Did the contents of this page influence your opinion about Phrenology?

6. Are you of the opinion that the scientific Phrenology merits a re-appraisal as an useful and beneficial science?

7. Are you of the opinion that Phrenology may be useful a means to improve self-knowledge and self-development?

8. Do you advocate the use of scientific Phrenology as a tool in fields like education, human resources management and law enforcement?

9. What is your general opinion about the Phrenology pages?

10. Please add any further comments you may have on this page or on Phrenology in general:

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