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Bibliography about Phrenology

Title A measure of perfection: phrenology and the fine arts in America
Authors Charles Colbert

University of North Carolina Press
Chapel Hill, 1997

ISBN 0-8078-2370-8
Pages 441
Description Written
by Charles Colbert, who teaches in the Fine Arts Department of
Boston College,
this work is the most recent scholarly contribution concerning the cultural
influences of Phrenology. The author demonstrates the contributions of
Phrenology to artistic impression, particularly in 19th century American
art. Painters and sculptors such as Hiram Powers, William Sidney Mount,
Harriet Hosmer, Asher B. Durand, and Thomas Cole, among others, see their
works reviewed and phrenologically analysed. The work gives a good insight
in the world of American art, much of which is virtually unknown in the
Old World.


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