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Bibliography about Phrenology

Title Heads or the art of Phrenology
Authors Helen Cooper
Peter Cooper

London Phrenology Company Ltd.
London, 1983

ISBN 0-9508539-0-9
Pages 107
Description This book gives a very good and finely illustrated overview of
the history of Phrenology and related doctrines throught the ages. It goes
beyond the mere anatomical and cranial characteristics and offers
an interesting contemporary approach, developing Phrenology into a tool
of self-perfection and self-control through the harmonisation of the different faculties.

According to the author, "Phrenology provides a philosophical view
of the innate capacities of human nature. The Phrenological head is a symbol
of how character can be divided in individual faculties and how harmony
can be achieved within ourselves and in relation to external circumstances.
Phrenology declares that this harmony is open to all mankind."


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