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Bibliography about Phrenology

Title Phrenology, a study of mind
Authors Frances Hedderly

L. N. Fowler
London, 1970

ISBN 8524 3169 4
Pages 133
Description This book is written by Frances Hedderly, the last president of the
British Phrenological Society which was active from 1886 to 1967. It gives
a full overview of the history of the science and of its applications,
including detailed descriptions of phrenological faculties and the techniques
of cranial measurement and interpretation. It concludes with some historical background about Gall and his followers, including the British Phrenological
Society, which was disbanded in 1967, its valuable library (including Gall's
original works) being donated to university libraries (University College,
London, Yale University and Cambridge University). The author, who was
the last President of said society, justified its closure with the statement
"It now seemed that we had come full circle to return the knowledge
of Gall's discoveries, nearly 150 years after the publication of his great
work was completed, into the hands of trained men. Men whose only motive
for using this knowledge would be wholly for the good of mankind"


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